Thanks to the help of the English assistants, the bilingual coordinator, and several teachers, Valdebernardo hosted its second Haunted Library last week on Halloween. Students from 1º and 2º ESO had the opportunity to take a tour through the spooky Haunted Library during school and meet ghouls, witches, and some unexpected surprises along the way… Activities included crawling through three different dark tunnels, getting candies, and answering hard questions regarding different contents from some subjects. We were excited to see the students’ interest and teachers in the celebration of Halloween!.


What is more, the Spanish Language Department also helped to develop and decorate the corridors of the high schools by using epitaphs, graves, and quotes from writers who devoted their literary works based on death and `El día de todos los Santos´. Thanks to their effort, it was possible to carry out a different perspective of the celebration!!




Global Classrooms 2018-2019. An introduction.

IMG-20181024-WA0006This week, the students from 4ºESO Isabel and Estrella, have been telling 3ºESO students about their experiences in Global Classrooms last year. Congratulations!!

Students were delighted by listening to them, getting a very useful, productive and engaging idea about what Global Classroom is.IMG-20181024-WA0009 Teachers who are preparing 3ºESO students for this year´s edition must be very proud of them!!

Keep up the good work for the next conference, both students and teachers!!IMG-20181024-WA0010

Andrea, our assistant from Vermont

Hola! My name is Andrea and I am from Burlington, Vermont. The past 4 years I have been living in Boston, where I attended school and have recently graduated with a degree in Biology. Outside of school, I love to travel and play futbol.

I am very excited for this year and to get to know and work with so many students. I will be mostly in the physical education department as well as a mix of a few other courses!


Alyssa, our assistant from Vermont


My name is Alyssa, and I am from the state of Vermont in the U.S. I studied biology at Syracuse University in New York and did research in neuroscience. I am very excited to be in Madrid this year and to be spending my first year teaching at Valdebernardo. At school, I will be spending much of my time in biology and technology classrooms. In my free time, I like to play soccer, travel and read. I look forward to helping students improve their English this year!!!

Alyssa Tenney

Martin Luther King day

Martin Luther King Junior was an American hero; whose life choices offer many teaching opportunities. On Monday January 15, Valdebernardo celebrated MLK day. For most students it was their first time hearing about the late activist. Dr. King experienced racial segregation and police brutality until the day of his untimely death, but even through the hardship he envisioned a better world, so that no person would have to live the way he was forced to. The goal of introducing Martin Luther King Junior and his legacy to the classrooms was to create a dialogue about stereotyping, race, and respect. It’s key that students think critically, so we asked them to compare and contrast race relations in the United States and in Spain. We hope that the celebration and discussion of Dr. King has left a footprint with all of the students at Valdebernardo high-school.

IMG-3119MLK (1)

Global Classrooms Update!

        The Global Classrooms journey is almost coming to a close as we move into December, when we will have our first practice conferences to prepare our students for the regional Madrid conference in late January. All students in 3 ESO will participate in the Global Classrooms conference on December 12 at Valdebernardo.
It is an all day event (9 AM – 2 PM) in which students will need to dress professionally and present their country’s perspective on the global issues of migrant rights. In pairs, students have worked very hard in class to research, report, and refine a substantial research paper on their respective country’s position, and now we are ready for them to apply this information in an oral debate!
If you are looking for more information on what Valdebernardo is doing with Global Classrooms, check out our class site at https://gcvaldebernardo.weebly.com/
Mitch Wellman (Global Classrooms Assistant)


       Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian holiday that, among other things, involves eating large amounts of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, bread, pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce. The holiday annually celebrates the first American pilgrims’ gratitude toward Native Americans for teaching them how to grow crops and survive on American soil.
      The English language assitants used this holiday to make students think about what they are thankful for. Students traced their hands on colored paper and wrote things they were thankful for, and after the language assistants formed a giant turkey out of the hands to be displayed on the wall at Valdebernardo (picture below).
With thanks,
The Bilingual Teamyhank2thankIMG_1524

Update on Global Classrooms:


Students in  3º ESO have been working hard on preparing for the Global Classrooms Conference, which is a Model United Nations activity where students represent the interests of various countries as delegates. Students focus on a specific world problem (e.g. poverty, hunger, infant mortality) from the perspective of a specific country, and then work with other country delegations to form resolutions for that issue.


Each year the Comunidad de Madrid assigns participating schools a specific topic and specific countries to prepare. This year, Valdebernardo has been assigned the topic of human rights of migrants. Our specific countries of study are Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Liberia, and Slovakia. We will ask students to participate in a practice conference with local schools in December (date TBD) and the offical conference on January 26, 2018.


Visit the Valdebernardo Global Classrooms website for more information: https://gcvaldebernardo.weebly.com


Best regards,
Mitch (Global Classrooms Language Assistant)