Update on Global Classrooms:


Students in  3º ESO have been working hard on preparing for the Global Classrooms Conference, which is a Model United Nations activity where students represent the interests of various countries as delegates. Students focus on a specific world problem (e.g. poverty, hunger, infant mortality) from the perspective of a specific country, and then work with other country delegations to form resolutions for that issue.


Each year the Comunidad de Madrid assigns participating schools a specific topic and specific countries to prepare. This year, Valdebernardo has been assigned the topic of human rights of migrants. Our specific countries of study are Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Liberia, and Slovakia. We will ask students to participate in a practice conference with local schools in December (date TBD) and the offical conference on January 26, 2018.


Visit the Valdebernardo Global Classrooms website for more information: https://gcvaldebernardo.weebly.com


Best regards,
Mitch (Global Classrooms Language Assistant)


 The Haunted Library (Boo!):



With the help of the English and French language assistants, the bilingual coordinator, the librarian, and several teachers, Valdebernardo hosted its first ever Haunted Library last week on Halloween. Students from 1º and 2º ESO had the opportunity to take a tour through the spooky Haunted Library during school and meet goblins, ghouls, and witches along the way. Activities included crawling through a dark tunnel, getting candy, and tarot card readings. We were excited to see the students’ interest in the celebration of Halloween!

The Bilingual Team