Global Classrooms Update!

        The Global Classrooms journey is almost coming to a close as we move into December, when we will have our first practice conferences to prepare our students for the regional Madrid conference in late January. All students in 3 ESO will participate in the Global Classrooms conference on December 12 at Valdebernardo.
It is an all day event (9 AM – 2 PM) in which students will need to dress professionally and present their country’s perspective on the global issues of migrant rights. In pairs, students have worked very hard in class to research, report, and refine a substantial research paper on their respective country’s position, and now we are ready for them to apply this information in an oral debate!
If you are looking for more information on what Valdebernardo is doing with Global Classrooms, check out our class site at
Mitch Wellman (Global Classrooms Assistant)


       Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian holiday that, among other things, involves eating large amounts of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, bread, pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce. The holiday annually celebrates the first American pilgrims’ gratitude toward Native Americans for teaching them how to grow crops and survive on American soil.
      The English language assitants used this holiday to make students think about what they are thankful for. Students traced their hands on colored paper and wrote things they were thankful for, and after the language assistants formed a giant turkey out of the hands to be displayed on the wall at Valdebernardo (picture below).
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