Gabriel, our assistant from Georgia

Most of my childhood was a marriage between storytelling and fashion. I took that passion and studied communications and journalism at the University of West Georgia. This year I worked as an intern for the university communications and marketing department, and used that experience to land a dream position with a magazine in Atlanta. Merging my two passions, writing and fashion, I was an editorial writer for Modest Truth Magazine. We served an audience devoted to social justice, feminism, and fashion. I love writing, but I yearned for something more fulfilling this year. I accepted an opportunity with the Community of Madrid as a language assistant for the 2017-2018 school year, and I am excited to help refine the students’ English skills. I look forward to the continuous support from the staff, and dedication from the students at IES Valdebernardo.




Our Fulbright assistant: Mitch Wellman


¡Hola a todos! My name is Mitch Wellman, and I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) with a passion for learning about the world through international travel. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and political theory from the University of Virginia in May 2017. I am excited to be in Madrid this school year and to help students learn English. English is a tricky language with many rules and exceptions, but I believe the best things in life do not come easily. I strive to patiently work with students to improve their English and to help them learn from mistakes, and I will be focusing on working with the 3º ESO students this year as they embark on a project called Global Classrooms, which is a model United Nations activity. In my free time, I am an avid graphic artist who enjoys classical music and playing tennis. I also enjoy good food and a good siesta.



Un bilingüismo integrado e integrador


Empezamos un nuevo curso con ilusión y con unos objetivos que nos irán marcando el camino a seguir para llegar a nuestras metas:

  • Un bilingüismo integrado e integrador.  Queremos un programa bilingüe que sea un pilar fundamental del centro, donde todos los alumnos y alumnas se sientan integrados y así se consideren parte de un proyecto de todos.
  • Un bilingüismo que no se quede en las aulas.  Nuestro objetivo es fomentar la lengua inglesa como herramienta para descubrir lo que hay más allá del pequeño mundo del instituto y poder aprovechar todo lo aprendido en cualquier situación del día a día.
  • Un bilingüismo cohesionado.  Nuestro programa bilingüe tendrá un marco común de acción que facilitará el camino hacia un aprendizaje eficaz.



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